Friday, 30 October 2009

The 10 reasons Cont...

11. I know this Isn't 10, but yeah Kev's made up stories deserves to be an exception, and Homonym, need I say more Lou haha.

10 reasons why i LOVE Lou!

1. She pesters the hell out of me to make another blog post.
2. She has seen my gay face and puddle picture, so i have to be on her good side.
3. Friday bus journeys are awesome, so yeah!
4. She is a really nice person :) yeah soppy as hell ha.
5. Hmmm, she has a secret which i can trust her with :)
6. Her music taste is brilliant, except for her dislike of Razorlight...
7. Her smiley's on Msn are the faces she pulls in real life, so that makes me laugh.
8. I love the fact she has no regard for how much money she spends, even if it means Overdrafting.
9. She made me dance when her and Jess we're poking and standing on me. Thanks aha :)
10. Because she's just Lou!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

This is Jess

And I would like to say
Connor smells
The height of maturity I am :)

First Post

Hi, I'm fairly new to this, i used to blog but stopped, firstly, my name is Connor, I'm 16 from a small city called Preston, i have loads of really cool mates, i enjoy things like scooters(mainly Vespas, don't mind lambrettas though), music going out with mates, the usual teen crap ha! Oh and the one thing i hate about Facebook, the status update "night facebookers" i mean what the hell, just seems incredibly pointless. But thats my opinion ha.