Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Modern Life Is Rubbish

I'm pretty happy, me and a few mates are making a Brit-pop band, alongside mine Joe Phil's and Georgie's. It should be quality, on stage with Fred Perry polo shirts, Harrington jackets Etc. Can't wait :D

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Gordon Is a Moron.

I would love to see Gordon Brown Happy Slapped, fat fucking Scottish prick. And i'd love to see Tony Blair and his wife Cherie Blair happy slapped as well. And why not go for the whole labour government whilst were at it as well.


shit week, cba with college, work sucks, not in cllege next week thank fuck, so fucking boring it's untrue, wish i'd joined the fucking army tbh, absolute waste of my life colelge, at least i'd have money and something to do, not like the shite you get with college, no money because the wank government doesn't give it me, because my parents earn slightly too much. FUCK YOU LABOUR. Gordon Brown the one-eyed fucking goblin shagging twat.

Friday, 20 November 2009


What an era, scooters, mods, parkas, suits, Fred Perry at it's biggest selling point ever. Boy would i love to have lived as a 18 year old back then, and embraced the subcultures that are almost forgotten today. But, i have the majority of these things now, so i can't really argue, but having the original stuff back then would have just been amazing. And that is what era i would of loved to live in :)

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Looking Through Gary Gimore's Eyes!

Today was a pretty good day, went to town with Lou and Conor, some pretty stupid pictures up on facebook, but yeah was a nice and relaxed day, seems to be like a weekly thing, town on a Saturday, and there are different people there every week, but tomorrow, i have to start my business work, although not to panic i don't have as much as i thought, so i feel a lot better about that ha.

Friday, 13 November 2009

College week over!

Wow what a fantastic week this week's been, if you didn't know, that sentence was packed with sarcasm. I suppose it hasn't been awful, but its just been really boring, and i have got loads of work to do over the weekend, so it's going to be a really bad weekend this week, but i suppose thats college! Can't argue though, politics is still pretty good, really didn't want to do an assesment today, but had to do it. So i've probs failed that, if not then there was a divine intervention or something. On a brighter note, i'm going to see Paul Weller soon, so that should be absolutely quality.

Monday, 9 November 2009

The Arctic Monkeys.

Been listening to a lot of these recently, i love their first album "Whatever People Say i Am Thats What I'm Not". It speaks about life, which i think is really good in a band. Although some people disagree, they say that they don't listen to music for the lyrics, they listen to it for the beats and stuff (if you get what i mean) which i think is a bit crap, you can't just write-off a song without listening to the lyrics in my opinion. And in their second album "Favourite worst nightmare" they seemed to have gone away from the rock influenced beats, into more of a lighter rock beat, i can't argue it's still a brilliant album, and it's good because it is different. Onto the third and most recent album "Humbug", this is a good album, different again, but in this album, the lyrics don't seem to catch me, it just seems to be like any other "indie" band, just normal rock music, not too fantastic, but it's still a pretty good album. And also can't forget their demo albums, such as "Beneath the boardwalk", and "who the fuck are the Arctic Monkeys", they are pretty good, but quite hard to get hold of, and the first couple of demos are like the first album, their lyrics are about life, and some of the lyrics actually make you laugh. But yeah, just a little random blog post about them there ha!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

This Week..

Wow this week has been pretty random/weird, Monday and Tuesday sucked as usual ha, then Wednesday was fantastic, went to see The Specials, absolutely fantastic live, and seeing all the Mods and Skinheads there, made me want a pair of Docs, they look really smart. Thursday was alreet, didn't really do much but nvm bonfire nights are generally too eventful till the Saturday. Friday was pretty good, Weekend Warmup's generally are, Jess with her "Will You Marry Me" sign made me laugh. Then Saturday came and so did Longton Bonfire the begininng of the night was fantastic, although i slipped, i got dry within about 10 minutes due to the heat of the huge Bommy! And the fireworks were fantastic, but then as the night went on, everything went downhill, and let's just hope everything works out :/. On a brighter note here is a picture of the Docs i want :)

Monday, 2 November 2009

The Stone Roses

I can't stop listening to these guys at the moment, there songs are brilliant, the long ones especially, i can listen to them for hours without getting bored, i don't even know what genre of music it is, but man it is fantastic!