Monday, 9 November 2009

The Arctic Monkeys.

Been listening to a lot of these recently, i love their first album "Whatever People Say i Am Thats What I'm Not". It speaks about life, which i think is really good in a band. Although some people disagree, they say that they don't listen to music for the lyrics, they listen to it for the beats and stuff (if you get what i mean) which i think is a bit crap, you can't just write-off a song without listening to the lyrics in my opinion. And in their second album "Favourite worst nightmare" they seemed to have gone away from the rock influenced beats, into more of a lighter rock beat, i can't argue it's still a brilliant album, and it's good because it is different. Onto the third and most recent album "Humbug", this is a good album, different again, but in this album, the lyrics don't seem to catch me, it just seems to be like any other "indie" band, just normal rock music, not too fantastic, but it's still a pretty good album. And also can't forget their demo albums, such as "Beneath the boardwalk", and "who the fuck are the Arctic Monkeys", they are pretty good, but quite hard to get hold of, and the first couple of demos are like the first album, their lyrics are about life, and some of the lyrics actually make you laugh. But yeah, just a little random blog post about them there ha!

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