Sunday, 8 November 2009

This Week..

Wow this week has been pretty random/weird, Monday and Tuesday sucked as usual ha, then Wednesday was fantastic, went to see The Specials, absolutely fantastic live, and seeing all the Mods and Skinheads there, made me want a pair of Docs, they look really smart. Thursday was alreet, didn't really do much but nvm bonfire nights are generally too eventful till the Saturday. Friday was pretty good, Weekend Warmup's generally are, Jess with her "Will You Marry Me" sign made me laugh. Then Saturday came and so did Longton Bonfire the begininng of the night was fantastic, although i slipped, i got dry within about 10 minutes due to the heat of the huge Bommy! And the fireworks were fantastic, but then as the night went on, everything went downhill, and let's just hope everything works out :/. On a brighter note here is a picture of the Docs i want :)

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