Thursday, 3 December 2009

Sooooooooooo far.

This week's been pretty good so far. Monday and Tuesday we're a bit dodgy, wasn't sure about parents evening and business deadlines etc. But Wednesday was brilliant went to Emma's house like we have been doing now for a few Wednesdays, we ate ice cream in the middle of her living room whilst listening to The Kinks, a summery song whilst in winter(yes that's ironic) ha. But yeah today was pretty funny as well, been a quite relaxed day till i got home and i did more work, but at least that's sorted. But it's weekend warmup tomorrow, not sure what to make of it, whether i can actually be bothered going or not. My mates band is playing so it will be good to see if there any good. And i don't think i have anything else planned, but if something else does come up, i may have to just ditch weekend warmup.

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