Saturday, 3 April 2010

Awful first week to the holidays...

The only things keeping me sane at the moment are the following songs. Delphic - Halcyon, Doubt. And Everything Everything - MY KZ, UR BF, without these guys, I would be going crazy at the moment. What a shit beginning to a holiday. Although thank god I planned my next week, Monday, I'm meeting up with mates and getting so well and truly hammered my problems disappear. Tuesday I think I have something planned, not too sure. Wednesday I have a job interview FINALLY! Thursday I'm going to Manchester, and Friday probably do some work/revision, then go out into town for ze night. I just hope that next week is better than this week. What an awful Friday night it was last night. Possibly the worst in my life. I hope they don't get any worse. On a brighter note, next week should be fantastic and am looking forward to seeing people i've not seen for 6 months. Should be fantastic.

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